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Brettenham Apple Day

brettenham 001

Brettenham Apple Day Sunday 28 September – took two of us to turn this press.  Colin Widdup in foreground.

I brought my press along and also a couple of big tubs of apples – about 8 litres in all. Now its v late September, the apples are much riper and the juice is sweeter. When we pressed in the first week of September in Bildeston the juice was so sour it needed raspberries or sugar adding.

Well done Brettenham Gardening Club and Lyn Truss for organising this and Cllr Jenny Antill for financial support.

Lyn told me there were already requests for this to be repeated next year. But helpers need to collect people’s apples around the village the day before!  Many many people came from surrounding villages. There’s obviously an untapped demand here.

They had to fetch the hydraulic press – an amazing invention that ran off mains pressure from a hose – from Kent. The hydraulic press seemed to get more juice of out the apples.

But the apples needed scratting – putting through a kind of manual apple mincer – twice before they went in the hydraulic press and only once before going in the old fashioned presses.

Complicated this juicing business.


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