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Results of the Babergh Council election

Babergh count at Trinity Park

Party          May 2014       May 2015

Con               330           684

Green (me)    346           646

Labour            72            72

UKIP               219         not contesting

Turnout            55%          78%

I increased my vote in the South Cosford ward of Babergh Council from 346 in the by-election last year (when I won by 16 votes) to 646. Sadly this was not enough, the Conservative collected 684 votes. Labour got 72 – the  same amount – and presumably the same people – as last time. So I have lost my seat in South Cosford. The lone Green presence on Babergh is no more. Thank you to all who helped in the crucial run up with leaflets, with door knocking, with manning the polling stations and at the count. And to all those in the ward who put their party loyalty aside to vote for me. Many longstanding LibDem, independents and a Labour councillor in Babergh have lost or nearly their seats, mirroring the national swing to Conservatives.

I have been touched by the warmth of people’s condolencies, including people who ordinarily are supporters or members of rival political parties.  Someone in my – now former – ward said to me “you will be missed already”. Now I need a break from electoral politics for a while – luckily I’ve been handed one! The past four years have been nearly continuous attempts to win elections – 2011 – Babergh Council – lost by six votes, 2013 Suffolk County Council, lost by  10%, 2014 Babergh council by-election, won by six votes, 2015 Babergh council elections – lost by 38 votes. It’s all meant year round leafleting and door knocking and yet I only held office for one year.

One year in office is not long enough to ensure your re-election as a representative of a minority party, a party with virtually zero TV coverage, and such coverage as there is being patronising and negative.

However, I hope that I was able to inject some fresh thinking and ideas into Babergh Council in my short time.

Below is a link to some of the results, still awaiting Sudbury South.



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