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Pope to issue edict saying climate change is a moral crisis


You read it here first! Pope Francis will on Thursday issue an edict on the moral necessity to take action on climate change.

This has been in the air for a while (and I see there is a Guardian piece on it today) but it was the first I knew about it. I heard about this morning at a talk and workshop at St Mary’s Church, Hadleigh, organised by the local benefice, and run by Colin Bell of something called the Faraday Institute. As far as I can tell Mr Bell and the Faraday Institute are working to turn the Church of England green.

The Pope has spent the past two years honing this edict, says Mr Bell, and the hope is that the Church of England and other protestant churches will follow him. If they don’t they risk being seen as more conservative than the Pope. He also showed us a rather good cartoon summarising the recent history of international climate talks  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B11kASPfYxY

And there was a great quote from one of Pope Francis’s scientific advisors: Bishop Sánchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences has said: “The challenge of climate change has become not only economic, political or social. It is also an issue of morals, religion, values such as justice and social inclusion, the obligation of solidarity with future generations and the moral obligation to care for the earth, namely creation, which is our habitat.”

The other good thing about this session in Hadleigh was that it might just lead to a Transition Hadleigh group, to try to make the town and the church greener and less dependent on fossil fuels and to get existing groups in the town working together.

Pleased to see our new Conservative MP James Cartlidge was there, although he did not stay very long. There are key decisions for world leaders coming up in Paris in December as part of the next round of climate agreements – known as COP21. There have been positive noises from the G7 about becoming fossil fuel free by end of the century and from China and President Obama on a bi-lateral deal to cut carbon emissions. So things are going in the right direction for once. I hope our MP will take on board the importance of these talks and press his superiors in Government to pledge big carbon cuts for Britain – both before 2020 to meet existing commitments and for tough new commitments after 2020.

If you feel the same please write to him, or try to go see him on Wednesday 17 June in Westminster at the Climate Change event.

Another thing it would be great to see would be Suffolk County Council, which has a well meaning initiative to be “the Greenest County”, getting its pension fund to sell its huge £15m stake in BP – one of its single largest investments. At least four fifths of the world’s declared oil reserves need to stay in the ground if we are to avoid 2 degrees of global warming. BP’s business plan is extract and burn as much oil as possible. So why is Suffolk’s pension committee risking its members’ retirements by investing in a company intent on releasing more carbon than is compatible with the survival of human civilisation?

Next on my to do list – start a divestment campaign aimed at Suffolk County Council’s pension fund.


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