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Talk on Climate Change to East Bergholt School

Climate Change

Yesterday I gave a talk on climate change to year 10 geographers at East Bergholt High School.

Some at least took it in. Some probably didn’t but you can’t win them all.

Above is the Powerpoint presentation I used.

Before going, I picked up some useful tips from Sandy Irvine, a Green Party member from Newcastle who used to teach sixth formers.  We have compiled them into a written list for all members to use who want to give talks to schools. A great resource.

I did ask the pupils at the end if any of them thought climate change was not man made or was not a problem. No one put their hand up. I think young people are not really interested in engaging or arguing with the deniers and sceptics. They just want practical solutions. There’s quite a few of the deniers on Facebook and Twitter, including the UKIP candidate for South Suffolk, who, funnily  enough, lives in East Bergholt. I get the impression they are all (the deniers) desperate for a debate on it. So I shan’t give them one. The debate’s over, the rest of us are getting on with pressing for faster solutions.

Now – rail lines down motorways please!

Immediately after doing the talk, someone posted this great graphic from Bloomberg, explains why climate change is manmade in about 30 seconds. You’d need to be pretty narrow-minded to think  it was sunspots after this http://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2015-whats-warming-the-world/


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